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iSketch Pad for iPad and iPhone

Wherever you are and whenever you get the feeling for sketching, what you need is using our iSketch Pad, a rapid sketch app.

Within built-in 120 colors pencils and ballpoint pens, iSketch Pad is an easy used electronic drawing pad, also named pocket sketch pad.

When you are getting lost in the joy of sketching by using all imagination and creativity, you also feel that you are using the real pencils and ballpoint pens. Yes, we imitate the pens which like real ones for you with our utmost care.

Meanwhile, you can use our encryption function to protect your some private sketch or the whole app from been seen by others.

Last but not least, the record function can record the history of email sending, friends sharing, etc. So, if someone used your app, you can find it the first time.

This is what you are looking for--iSketch Pad!

Why hesitated? Come and download it!


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