Chengdu ThumbSoft Co. Ltd, a new mobile entertainment software company, is established in March 2011. Our company works on the development and the related solution of mobile Internet games of iPhone and iPad APPs.

In the recent 3 years, our company has published more than 150 apps of iPhone and iPad. Therefore, we have taken good results in many items of APP Store, wherein, most of our apps have owned the top 10 in the app download list of North America. What’s more, we arenamed the most outstanding developer by Apple Company.

With many years of the best experience of technology development and project management, our company can provide mobile software games, which can meet the best needs of users and bring new experience of mobile life to users. And all of our principles are based on people-based management philosophy and innovative technology spirit.

The aim of Thumbsoft is to become the leader in the field of mobile application software. So, we will try our best to create a new mobile life mode with our hard-working partners.

Main products: iPhone, iPad, Androidmobile phone applications, mobile solution, enterprise application solution,etc.

Related fields: entertainment, life, leisure, SNS game, Internet, business application, image processing, etc.

Aim of our products: we commit ourselves to develop creative products to bring users a new experience: new app, new life. What’s more, our developed apps are based on people-based. And from the users point of view, we try our best to develop one most friendly and most direct man-machine interface to make users play apps on iPhone or iPad freely and conveniently.

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